Collection: Builder Gel

HEMA & 9 Free as always and come in 15 ml (.5 oz) bottles.

Soft Pink is a gorgeous pastel baby pink.  

Mauve is a rich creamy nude mauve.

Lilac is a beautiful pastel pink with a subtle lilac hue.

Peachy is a creamy light peach.

Crystal Clear is a great way to add strength and length to your nails as well as encapsulate glitters! 

Cover Neutral is such a beautiful pinky nude that you’ll want to wear all on its own!

 Milky White is the perfect base for any mani & gorgeous enough to wear on its own! 

Photos show two layers of builder gel each. 

Free of:

  • Formaldehyde
  • HEMA
  • Toluene
  • Ketones
  • DBP
  • Phthalates
  • Polyurethane
  • Camphor
  • Lead

Ingredients: pigments, acrylates/carbamate copolymer, ethylmethacrylate.

How to apply:

1. Prep your nails by pushing back cuticles and gently buffing up nails  just enough to remove shine

2. Optional-apply acid free primer

3. If using nail forms, apply

4. Apply gel base coat to the whole surface of the nail and cure for 30

5. Apply builder gel to the nail, including the tip and form to your desired length if you're extending your natural nail, and cure for 60s.

6. Apply a second layer of builder gel and cure for 60s. Repeat this step until you've reached your desired thickness of nail.

7. Wipe the entire nail with a alcohol to remove the tacky layer.

8. File & buff nails and wipe with alcohol again

9.  Apply gel Diamond topcoat & cure for 30 seconds

If dipping over, apply a layer of Kara's Claws Pop It Off Peel Base, let dry fully and proceed to dip!

10. Apply cuticle oil generously!