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karas claws

Kara's Claws Gels & Peel Base Liquids

Kara's Claws Gels & Peel Base Liquids

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Looking for dip flu relief? This liquids set will give you top notch results without the dip flu symptoms!

 Kara’s Claws Gels are 9 free and HEMA free, self leveling & the top has a shine that is unreal!! Must be cured in a UV or UV/LED lamp-I recommend 36W or higher for best results & 30 second cure times. Perfect for those of you who suffer from dip flu and want to try the gel method for dip nails. Don't take our word for it see them used in this Marla Kris YouTube video


Free of:

  • Formaldehyde
  • HEMA
  • Toluene
  • Ketones
  • DBP
  • Phthalates
  • Polyurethane
  • Camphor
  • Lead


Pop It Off Peel Base-(no uv lamp needed, air dry)

If you are like me & like to change your mani often but don’t want to soak off or file off every time you will love this!! I like to use one full layer so I can easily pop off my dip when I’m ready. Peel base works differently for everyone & for your preferences so I recommend starting with one full coat & playing around with it until you find what you like! Some people use two full coats, some just do as little as a strip down their nail. 

Goes on clear, dries clear and does not yellow. 

Our Peel Base does not contain latex.

Directions: apply a thin layer of Pop It Off to either a layer of clear dip with topcoat or a layer of builder gel & gel topcoat, or gel base with gel topcoat & let it dry completely. Add another layer if desired. It needs a shiny/smooth surface so it can pop off cleanly. 
Once dry, you can get to dipping! 

To remove your dip mani-file all along the edges of your nails to break the seal. Add cuticle oil to help loosen. You can gently clip off a section with cuticle nippers to get between the base and the dip & gently pop it off! Never force it. Once you find the right amount it makes removal a breeze!! I use the flat end of a metal cuticle pusher tool to get between the layers!

Original Dip Liquids Set

Lower odor than most & generally good for those who struggle with dip flu! Medium dry time, thin base & gorgeous topcoat shine. 

Delicate Dip Liquids Set

This dip base & Diamond top coat have absolutely no smell!! It’s amazing! Say goodbye to dip flu & irritation from strong fumes of other dip liquids. Slightly slower dry time gives you time to clean up cuticles & are amazing for doing ombré and other designs. The activator is the same as before. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Maryellen D
Excellent Quality

Just used my new gel base and gel top coat. I've been meaning to try gel liquids with dip powder but was a little nervous to try. I shouldn't have been. The gel liquids were easy to use and the top coat is super shiny!!

Great gel base!

I bought this gel base to do the gel method after suffering dip flu with my standard dip liquids (from a different brand). It’s a little on the thicker side, but not so thick that it’s difficult to work with! It was wonderful to do my nails and not be miserable the next day, and I love that it’s HEMA free and 9 free! It cured well and leveled out beautifully—little to no filing required. Overall, I really enjoyed using this base and I’m excited to try more of Kara’s products in the future!

Karen Newsome
LOVE the Gel Liquids. Peel base used only once

Love the gel liquids! They go on smoothly and thinly and have very little filing to do AND I have super longevity....about 4-5 weeks. The peel base was only used once so far. I might not have used it correctly because my mani stayed on for 5 weeks also and did not "pop off" ;) :D

Kristin Barry
Gel base and Diamond Top are THE BEST!

I use Kara’s gel liquids for dip powder and they go on easily- not too thin, not too thick. The sjhine no the Diamond top coat is fantastic. I’m on my second set and won’t use anything else.

Spokane Trish
Baby Boomer, BG, and cuticle oil

Omgosh, the Baby Boomer is so fine!! I love it, and my granddaughters are begging me to do their nails with it. The only observation is that wearing it during the summer, with temps 90-100, means that the subtle beauty is lost... definitely great for all the other seasons and I will be loving it ❣️

The BG is lovely, not thick or too thin, perfect consistency and color. The cuticle oil, WOW, not only does the scent really last but all of it absorbed!! Absolutely the next order will be for Christmas for all by female relatives.

I'm coming back Kara, you really impressed me!!!